Back To The Magic - My Disney World Planning

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So, some of you may or may not know that I visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida last 
June. It was my third time going to Florida but because of the huuuuge 13 year gap in 
between my last visit and that one, I really felt like a first timer.

For the many months leading up to it, I was obsessed with planning, from a daily itinerary for the parks to what restaurants to visit, what gifts I wanted to buy and how much spending money we would need.. I was a woman possessed.

Well, it brings me great joy to say (or type) that my boyfriend & I will be going back this year after last years amazing trip! & that brings me to this very blog post... I want to start sharing my planning experiences on here, so that hopefully, any one else who is planning a trip to the magic will be able to join in and take some tips along the way! I feel like planning is the best way to make them long, boring months of waiting go that little bit quicker. 

Disney blog post index -

Here is a rough list of what type of posts are to come - 

Must Do Activities 
Top 10 Attractions 
Top 10 Things To Do In Disney
Long Haul Flight Essentials (Part 2)
Packing List

So, there we have it, the 'woman possessed' is back! If you can think of anything else you would like me to include in my planning then please let me know in the comments. Let the planning commence!

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