Party Season - My Makeup Must Haves

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'Tis the season to SPARKLE & that is exactly what I plan on doing this christmas. 
There is nothing more I love than getting all dolled up for an evening, even if I tend to go a teeny bit over board sometimes. But now it's officially party season, what better excuse to glitter your eye lids and wear that bold bright lip!
I have put together some of my party makeup essentials that are bound to make you feel gorgeous this christmas...

Base. Your base is so important when you want to make sure your makeup will last all night. I am not a great believer of primer, but a finishing mist like the fix+ spray from MAC is a god send. It makes your foundation look so much more even when previously sprayed onto a clean face, and I always see a difference in my makeups staying power when I use it. 
I will also prime my eyelids before doing any dramatic eye look. A good eyeshadow base will stop your eyeshadow from creasing, and will create an overall more flawless look. My favourite is Painterly from MAC.
In this weather, you also need a good daily moisturiser. My skin has taken a battering from all the cold, harsh winds we have been experiencing and there is nothing worse than applying makeup onto a dry, flaky base. I am in love with Celestial Facial Moisturiser from Lush at the moment, as it is great for sensitive skin and full of calming ingredients.

Nails. I usually wear acrylics, but when I am giving my nails a break, I have been loving this shimmering polish from Urban Outfitters. Although it is not a super bright colour, I think its iridescence makes it perfect for this time of year for someone that wants a subtle sparkle.

Eyes. On nights out, when it comes to eyes it is simply 'go hard or go home' for me, and at christmas time, you shouldn't be looking at anything other than shimmery shades. My ultimate favourite shadow to wear this time of year is this gorgeous gold shade from Lancome. I literally had love hearts in my eyes when I first saw it, I have never seen a more pigmented shimmering gold! Unfortunately this was limited edition, but they could have brought out something similar in one of their new christmas sets. 
With christmas in mind, I just bought this amaaaazing pigment from MAC in the shade 'Bronze Sparkle'. A rusty bronze, high shine pigment that makes blue eyes pop. Pigments are great for adding something special on top of an eyeshadow, or equally fabulous swept over the lid with thick winged black liner, my favourite is Stay Precise from No7. I will usually team these looks with false lashes for a dramatic effect, or a great mascara I have loved for christmas time is Midnight Lash from No7. This spectacular product is in a combination of 'black pearl' and 'saphire' that makes your lashes dazzle when the light hits you - amazing!

Top Tip - Apply MAC Fix+ to your brush before using a glittery shade to intensify your look!

Lips. Stand out from the crowd and grab the brightest shade in your makeup bag! Your lipstick is your chance to really inject some colour into your party look and what better way to start than with a bright red shade? My favourite is All Fired Up by MAC which is a bold pinkish-red that is a little bit different than your classic crimson. Or if red isn't really your colour, purple or fuchsia shades are really on trend this time of year and can add a touch of glamour to your finished look. My newest purple lipstick is Flat Out Fabulous from MAC and is what I'll be wearing to all my christmas parties.

So there you have it! A few of my christmas party make up must haves! I hope this has inspired you to add some sparkle into your life this season. 


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5 MAC Lipsticks Perfect For Winter

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L-R Ruby Woo, Flat Out Fabulous, MAC Red, Show Orchid, All Fired Up

Get your mistletoe at the ready, I have 5 MAC shades that are sure to get you in the mood for christmas!

 I previously did a blog post stating 5 MAC lipsticks I thought were perfect for Autumn (see here) & before that I did the same but for Summer! So it would be rude not to carry on the tradition, wouldn't it?

It may be dark and dreary outside but I am not reflecting this in these 5 gorgeous shades. It's PARTY season after all! Bing Crosby once said 'may your days be merry and bright' so thats what exactly what I've gone for....

All Fired Up. Matte bright pinkish red that completes any makeup look and is guaranteed to stay on all night.

Show Orchid. Christmas isn't just for reds. This bright fuchsia pink is a definite head turner for a daring party girl.

Flat Out Fabulous. Bright magenta shade in a matte finish that just screams 'Glam'.

Ruby Woo. Classic red in an ultra matte finish, this aint going nowhere!

MAC Red. Like Ruby Woo but in a satin finish. The perfect christmas red.

all lipsticks can be bought in store or online at


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Christmas Gift Guide For Women


After giving you all some gift ideas for the men in our lives last week (see here), I obviously couldn't leave us girls out. There are so many lovely things I have seen this year for reasonable prices that would make such nice gifts whether you are buying for a girlfriend, mother or sister. 
Most things I have included are under £100, with a few things that are under £12 that would make a great stocking filler or secret santa, but there are also a couple of luxury items for the big spenders upon you. 

I hope this gives you at least a little bit of inspiration for the festive season and remember.. you are buying for other people, not yourself! *must resist pretty things*

Jo Malone. You can't go wrong with a gift from Jo Malone. Whether it be a christmas scented candle, a relaxing bath soak, or one of her many luxurious perfumes, they all make a wonderful gift for a lady who likes to pamper herself. This bath & body gift set is available for £48 from selfridges

Designer Watch. I included this in my Christmas Gift Guide for Men as I believe watches make such a special gift for men & women alike. A nice watch can last a long time which I like in a gift because it feels like the money has been well spent (they also look really nice, too!). This gorgeous one from Olivia Burton is £135 from asos

Perfume. An obvious one, but I just had to put it on here! You cannot go wrong with a nice perfume, it may be an easy present but it is one that will never fail! One I love at the moment is the new Decadence by Marc Jacobs available from £48 at boots

Ted Baker Makeup Bag. When I saw this I just had to include it, how pretty is that?!! I love the dusty rose colour and the bow with the added sparkle. At only £27 its a must, right? Available from asos

Nars Lipstick. I cannot recommend Nars enough for any makeup lover. Their products are a great quality and their sleek, classy packaging make it the ideal gift. I particularly love their lipsticks which at £20 are at the higher end of the pricing scale, but they are completely worth it. Available from asos 

Vivienne Westwood Purse. I am a sucker for anything Vivienne Westwood and I particularly love her bags and purses which would be a perfect gift for any fashionista. I have picked out this gorgeous bow detailed purse in a deep burgundy shade which makes it perfect for this time of year. This purse is £116 which I think is very reasonable for a high quality leather item. Available from asos

Lush. For any girl that loves to pamper herself in lovely, bubbly baths then Lush is where you need to go. They have so much to choose from that their is something that will suit anyone. Their pre wrapped christmas gift boxes that have a range of their christmas items inside make for the perfect gift. Available from Lush

Want something a bit smaller?

- Stocking Fillers -

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Christmas Wishlist


After posting my Christmas Gift Guide for Men and currently planning to do the same but for ladies, it got me so much in the christmas spirit that I found myself constantly internet browsing for christmas present ideas. Now, as most 'shopoholics' are aware, shopping for someone else soon turns into shopping for yourself *oooops*.
 So after spending £1000 in my head and becoming increasingly depressed because of the 'so much stuff, so little money' dilemma, I decided I would do what many other bloggers are doing at the moment, and create a little christmas wish list. 

I had to cut this down majorly as it was nearly all makeup (yes I DO need more) and I wanted to add a little variety to it, but two beauty items in particular did make it into the list. The Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow was one of them. I have been eyeing this up for a long time now, but something about it made me think it was too precious to buy for myself, maybe because of the stunning gold packaging (or the fact its nearly 50 quid!).
 The second item is a gorgeous limited edition Nars Duel Intensity Eyeshadow Palette. 4 shimmering shades of gorgeous-ness in one handy little palette. I love the quality of Nars eyeshadows, I will be putting big hints in to my boyfriend for this!
The next on my list was of course a bottle of perfume, something I ask for every christmas. This year I am loving the smell of Gucci Bamboo, available from Boots for £49.

Another item that makes a regular appearance on my christmas list is a handbag. I am obsessed with designer handbags and I usually ask for one every year. I personally love Vivienne Westwood handbags so I think I will be begging santa for a nice small one from her! The one pictured is the Spencer Cross Body priced at a hefty £385.

Lastly, a pair of stud earrings. 2 years ago I received some gorgeous Tiffany studs from my boyfriend and I have literally worn them every day since. I don't like anything too big in my ears for every day but because I wear my current ones so often, they aren't as super shiny as they used to be and have signs of wear and tear. I think it's time I changed them for something of a similar size like the ones pictured from Tiffany & Co for £140.

So thats my wish list so far! I would love to know what you would like to see under your tree this christmas? Mean while, I am now going to suggest to my boyfriend that he takes a little look at my latest blog post....


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Christmas Gift Guide For Men


It may be early for some, but whether they like it or not, Christmas is officially on its way! 
I for one love to be organised when it comes to present buying, it makes things so much less stressful when you have everything over and done with. This means you can actually start enjoying the festivities and sit back & laugh at the people who run around on christmas eve, not being able to get what they want because everything is sold out (Muahaha...)

I haven't started christmas shopping just yet, though I am accumulating quite the mental list of what I am going to get everyone. But, what can also make things stressful at this time of year, is not knowing what people want, and for me it is ALWAYS my Dad or my Boyfriend who are the most difficult to buy for (what is it with men?!). 
So, if you are in need of a little male inspiration this year, whether it be for a friend, husband, dad or granddad, here are some gift ideas that may just help you out....

Aftershave. You simply cannot go wrong with this. Most men like to smell nice and you can never have too many bottles of lovely smelly aftershaves. My favourites are Paco Robanne Invictus and the new Sauvage by Dior

Designer Watches. It doesn't necessarily have to be designer, but the more you pay for your watch usually better the quality. A good watch can last 10+ years if you look after it, so it is a great investment if you were looking to spend a lot on someone this christmas. They make such a special, luxurious gift that is guaranteed to please. I personally like watches from Michael Kors and Hugo Boss, and in the more pricey side I love Tag Huer and Omega. All available from TheWatchShop & Beaverbrooks.

Trainers/Footwear. If anyone has a shoe-obsessed boyfriend like mine, then you won't need to read any further as these would go without saying. Trainers are becoming such a major trend in young adults these days that they are no longer seen as just 'sportwear'. My favourites to buy my boyfriend are Adidas Gazelles for £70. Other popular choices are HamburgSuperstars and Flux.

Leather Wallet. A wallet is a practical but great gift for any male. A decent, leather wallet can be found at any department store and you can usually get one for a good price if you shop around. A few years ago I bought my boyfriend a stunning black leather one from Vivienne Westwood and it is still in great condition. I think it was around £120 but for the amount it is used I feel it is worth it. 

Boxers. I think this is a must buy for men at christmas as it makes the perfect stocking filler (as well as socks!). Men love a good pair of boxers and they can never have too many so it is a cheap and simple gift for the men in your life. My favourites are of course Calvin Klein and Jack Wills

Xbox/PS4 Games. Lastly, for any gamer in your life, an Xbox or Playstation game would be a must. They are available at most supermarkets as well as places like 'Game' so are easy to get hold of if you lead a busy life. You can also get hold of them easily online off places like Amazon. If you are feeling extremely generous, you could even get him the actual console, but if they already have one, a new game would be ideal. Popular ones include Fifa 16, Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

So there you have it! 6 gift ideas for the men in your life. I hope this has helped you in some way (even if it may be a teeny tiny bit early!).


Lolabelle Beauty does not own the rights to any of these pictures.

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