Long Haul Flight Essentials

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Before I went away this year, I was obsessed with looking at these kind of blog posts. I loved seeing what other people took away with them in their hand luggage and also found it so helpful for when I went on holiday, especially because I was flying long haul which means I would need a lot more!

Firstly, you will obviously need your passport, you don't want to be forgetting about that! As well as other important things like your phone, purse and any travel documents. 
Next are my beats headphones, I actually took the bigger ones with me this year but seen as I couldn't find them, for photos sake I included the small earphones. These are great quality earphones perfect for in flight entertainment if you don't like using the ones the airline provides. Below that is my EOS lip balm, flights are very drying to your skin so any lip balm would be essential to moisturise your lips during the flight. 
My number one must have is my Tangle Teaser, I cannot bare to brush my hair with anything else since using these. I love my bright pink one and the fact they are compact & without a long handle means perfect for travel! I bought this from boots for £10.99.

Flights are really not good for your skin because of the cabin pressure and dry air stripping the moisture from your skin. I like to take the time on long haul flights to have a little pamper so I like to take a moisturising face mask with me. I chose Hydraluron moisture boosting mask because I love Hydraluron  products and I have heard so many good things about this mask. I remove my makeup just with wipes before I use the face sheet and leave it on for around 15 minutes, when you take it off it leaves serum still on your face so you can rub this into your skin.

After my little pamper session I don't put any heavy makeup back onto my face while on the plane, I just use a bronzer to add some definition and colour and use a mascara to open up my eyes and look more awake. The bronzer I would use would be Nars Laguna because it's a beautiful natural bronzer and has a handy big mirror in the compact. I would apply this with a Real Techniques contour brush and the mascara I used is Revlon Lash Potion.

Fluffy, comfy socks are a must for me on a flight because as soon as I get on board I like to take my shoes off, put my feet up (usually on my boyfriend) and relax. I also often get cold on flights so warm socks are essential for me. 
Lastly, I like to take some form of sweets or chocolate to snack on which I will buy at the airport.

This was all taken in my perfect hand luggage sized bag, the Speedy 30 Louis Vuitton. Available online from louisvuitton.com

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