Katy Perry Lashes By Eylure

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On a night out or special occasion, I am rarely (never) seen without false lashes. I just feel like they complete a smoky eye for that amazing dramatic look. I have tried many types of lashes over the years but always end up going back to Eylure, I love Eylure lashes so much that I now refrain on buying any other brand of lashes because I know I will just be disappointed and end up going back to my trusty holy grail lashes. 

I recently tried the Katy Perry lashes in 'Banging Beauty' for a work party and absolutely fell in love with them. I will be honest, the main reason I tried them was because of Katy Perry (who I completely adore) but also because they looked dramatic enough for the look I was going for.  They are described to add a 'powerful punch' to your eyes which I have to agree with, they are beautifully full and add so much curl, length and volume to your natural lashes.

For application, I always apply the glue along the lash and leave for about 30 seconds before using tweezers to sit them on my lashes. I find this easier looking down into a mirror because it gives you a better and clearer view of your natural lash line. 

What are your favourite false lashes? I would love to know :)


Katy Perry Eylure lashes can be bought instore and online from boots.com

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