Summer Beauty Favourites

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As I was in America until the end of June, I missed my June favourites post and then completely forgot about it after blogging about other things. Now its more or less the end of July, I thought it would be silly to blog my June favourites now, so I have decided to tell you about my beauty favourites of this summer so far to make up for missing June (though most of these things would probably have featured in it anyway!) 

Chanel Le blush creme de Chanel in shade 63 'Revelation'
If you have seen my review on here about this product, you will know how much I have been loving wearing this. It is a gorgeous peachy pink cream blush that looks so beautifully natural on the apples of the cheeks.

MAC Saigon Summer
This has been my go-to lipstick for the past few weeks. I love orange shades in the summer and I love how this one is sheer but is also build-able on the lip to create a bold look.

MAC 217 brush
The ultimate fluffy blending brush. Perfect for blending all kinds of eyeshadow to create a more flawless, perfected look.

Hourglass Arch Brow
I have fell completely in love with this product! Creates a natural brow look with its waxy, pencil like formula that rolls up with a twist of the 'pen'. Includes a 'spooley' on the other end to finish off your look. See my review here.

Tom Ford Black Orchid
 I bought this after asking a customer at my work what she was wearing. I instantly fell in love with the scent and just had to buy it. Its unisex so has a manly, woody hint but don't let this put you off girls! The warm, spicy, fruity notes come through the most when you spray this beauty.

What have been your favourite products this summer?!


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5 MAC Lipsticks Perfect For Summer

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L-R pink nouveau, vegas volt, brave, sunny seoul, saigon summer

Everyone loves a MAC lipstick. I have been collecting them for quite a few years now and I just think they are amazing. The vast range of colours and finishes as well as their flawless quality is what makes me think that they are simply unbeatable in the lipstick world. 

In each season of the year, I always have my holy grail shades that I am rarely parted with. In spring/summer this usually includes corals, pinks and peachy tones while in autumn/winter I love to dig out my deep burgundy and plums for the colder months. 

As we are now well into summer, here are my 5 top lipsticks that I have and will continue wearing throughout the season...

Pink Nouveau. A bright pink with a satin finish perfect for those who love to wear girly shades but like to stand out.

Vegas Volt. A bright orange with a slight red undertone. Not for the faint hearted but amazing with a tan in the summer months.

Brave. The perfect pink/nude. Ideal for those who like the 90's glam look.

Sunny Seoul. A gorgeous coral/pink in a cremesheen finish so is easy to apply in a hurry.

Saigon Summer. A sheer, cremesheen orange that can be built to appear bold and vivid. My favourite this summer.

all lipsticks can be bought in store or online at MAC cosmetics

What have been your favourite shades to wear this season?!


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Dermaroller - All You Need To Know

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Every girl (or guy) wants flawless skin. I know I am in constant battles with different skin care products and regimes trying to find something that really changes the appearance and feel of my skin. 

Something that I have been introduced to lately is a procedure called 'Dermaroller'. 
I was really interested in how this worked after hearing that numerous celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie, were undergoing this procedure for skin 'rejuvenation'.

Intrigued? Well here is everything you may need to know if you are interested or just curious... 

What is Dermaroller?
 It is also sometimes referred to as Micro-Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy. Since Dermaroller procedures use small needles to purposely injure skin cells and trick them into making more collagen, it's easy to see why those names are appropriate. A Dermaroller treatment is essentially equivalent to a chemical peel. It just resurfaces the skin using a different method.

Should You Have the Micro-Needling Procedure Done?
Most people can benefit from Micro-Needling procedures, but there are some situations where it might not be right for you. One of those situations is if you have any sort of medical condition that causes thin blood or excessive bleeding. If so, you need to pursue other skincare options.

The other problem that could prevent you from benefiting from Dermaroller medical treatments is if you have recurring skin infections. Although it can sometimes help to lessen the appearance of old scars from acne and skin infections, it won't help if you're still having new outbreaks. So, you will need to get your skin infection under control before you consider Dermaroller as a skincare solution.

What Types of Side Effects Should I Worry About?
Right after the procedure is finished your skin might bleed a little bit. It's important to keep the treated region clean and sterile so that it can heal properly. Otherwise, an infection could set in. You might also find that your skin is red or swollen for about a day after the procedure as well. Other than that, there aren't many side effects, but you may have a little discomfort as the treatment is being performed and soon after it's done.

What Does the Actual Treatment Process Entail?
If you do decide to have this medical treatment procedure done, you should expect the entire process to take around 2 hours. You should arrive for your appointment early in order to fill out any necessary paperwork. Once you are ready, the technician will put a cream designed to numb the area on your skin. That cream has to set for up to an hour before the actual treatment can begin.

As for the treatment itself, the technician will used the hand-held Micro-Needling device for about 20 minutes or so, depending on the size of the area that you want treated. The device has a bunch of tiny needles, which will be lightly rolled over the surface of your skin.

Why Are Dermaroller Treatments So Popular?
One of the things that makes this medical process so popular is that it isn't just a facial treatment. It can actually be done on several parts of your body. Also, it can be performed even on people with darker skin. On top of that, these treatments can be done as many times as you'd like, while other skin treatments are unsafe when done repetitively. So, if you want a safe way to not only treat your skin but also maintain the results on an ongoing basis, this could be just the right option for you.

Although this procedure may not be for everyone, I hope this has at least given you some extra knowledge on the procedures we have out there when it comes to skincare.

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Bridal Makeup Tips #2

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You've got the hair sorted, the dress and the accessories, now its time to think about your makeup! 

If you read my previous blog post, you will already know some of the do's and don'ts when it comes to bridal makeup. As we are now well into wedding season, I have a few more tips to share to make sure you are extra ready for your special day...

1. Bare in mind your colour scheme. This is really important as you want your eyeshadow colour to compliment your dress and flowers. It only has to be subtle, if you are wearing purple don't go overloading your eyes with bright purple! Just a subtle lilac in your crease would work perfectly.

2. Take care of your skin. If you have a year until your wedding and think you have loads of time..think again! When it comes to your skin you need to act now. Makeup will cover small imperfections of course, but you want your skin to be as good as perfect when the day comes around so.. do your research! Go see a specialist who can tell you all about your skins needs, invest in a good moisturiser or go for regular facials, all of these things take time to show the benefits but when they do, it will all be worth it.

3. Think about the time of year. This is extremely important as it all makes a difference to the makeup you are going to wear. If you are having a summer wedding, you need to go for long wearing products that have the ultimate stay power and wont 'melt' off your face. If you are having a winter wedding or a wedding in the evening, you could think about having brightening makeup or using a highlighter because chances are it wont be too bright outside and you will want the extra glow. 

4. Groom your brows. Nicely groomed brows can make a big difference to your overall makeup look. Make sure they are waxed/plucked ready for your big day and maybe think about having them dyed if they are quite sparse as a tint can make them appear more full. If you are going to do any of these I fully recommend doing this a few days before your wedding so any redness or irritation has time to go down.

5. Wear a primer. I would recommend a primer in all seasons simply because you are going to be wearing your makeup from really early that morning to most likely really like that night. A primer is a base for your makeup that will keep it put for hours on end and create a more flawless finish. I would recommend something like Porefessional from Benefit available at Boots.


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Hourglass Arch Brow


(sorry for the un-groomed eye brows ooops)

If you have seen my previous blog posts, you will know that I went to America and bought quite a few bits and pieces from Sephora. The main thing I wanted to get was the Arch Brow from Hourglass after hearing endless reviews about it on Youtube. 

The shade I bought was 'Blonde' (which is obviously because I have blonde hair) and it is the perfect shade for people with dark blonde eyebrows. It works by twisting the product up slightly to reveal the waxy, pencil like formula, which you then apply by using short strokes following your natural brow shape. It is great for those who love a thick brow, the end of the pencil is in a thick triangular shape so it is easier to apply for someone who loves a dramatic brow.

I'm currently loving this product and I have been using it everyday since I have come back from holiday. It is long wearing and doesn't seem to smudge throughout the day. I actually wish I bought more than one because I can't see this one lasting long!

this product can be purchased online from
also available in the UK from johnlewis

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Katy Perry Lashes By Eylure

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On a night out or special occasion, I am rarely (never) seen without false lashes. I just feel like they complete a smoky eye for that amazing dramatic look. I have tried many types of lashes over the years but always end up going back to Eylure, I love Eylure lashes so much that I now refrain on buying any other brand of lashes because I know I will just be disappointed and end up going back to my trusty holy grail lashes. 

I recently tried the Katy Perry lashes in 'Banging Beauty' for a work party and absolutely fell in love with them. I will be honest, the main reason I tried them was because of Katy Perry (who I completely adore) but also because they looked dramatic enough for the look I was going for.  They are described to add a 'powerful punch' to your eyes which I have to agree with, they are beautifully full and add so much curl, length and volume to your natural lashes.

For application, I always apply the glue along the lash and leave for about 30 seconds before using tweezers to sit them on my lashes. I find this easier looking down into a mirror because it gives you a better and clearer view of your natural lash line. 

What are your favourite false lashes? I would love to know :)


Katy Perry Eylure lashes can be bought instore and online from

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