MAC Dark Side Lipstick Review


Recently, I have been on the hunt for a burgundy lipstick. In older blog posts, I have mentioned how I was quite scared of red toned lipsticks and kept to my pink/plum shades but that is now all behind me and I cannot get enough of red. I really wanted a dark red to add to my collection as lately I have been paying more attention to classic reds like Ruby woo. I know, I know.. its spring now and we should all be digging out our corals and lighter shades but I guess autumn/winter has gone a little too quick for me! 

Anyway.. after countless visits to the MAC website, looking at reviews on blogs and searching for photos on Pinterest, I narrowed my search down to two lipsticks; Diva and Dark Side. They were both pretty similar, both burgundy but Diva was a Matte finish (and a little more red) and Dark Side was an Amplified Creme. They were both the colour I was looking for but the finish is what made me choose Dark Side. I have never been crazy over Matte finishes, I just don't have the patience to spend ages correcting it so it doesn't look like a hideous mess that a two year old has done. 

I am really pleased with my choice, it is a really stand out lipstick that seems to complete any ordinary outfit or makeup look. The creaminess makes it easy to put on so you can literally whip it on before rushing out. I like to wear it with Cherry lip pencil lightly blended into my lip line, I feel this brings out the red more and makes it look a bit different. I think this lipstick would look great on any skin or hair colour and although it is quite dark in solid form, it isn't too scary when you put it on.

I would love to know what you think of burgundy lipsticks?


You can buy all lipsticks mentioned for £15.50 and Cherry lip pencil for £12.50 at

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  1. This colour is insane. I love it and I think it's perfect for winter. Great choice. Hope you could check out my latest post.


    1. I know, it has made its way into my favourites! thanks for your comment, of course I can :) x