Bridal Makeup: dos & don'ts

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A women's wedding day is the most important day of their life. Everything has to be perfect, the dress, the hair and of course the makeup.  I have put together 5 'dos & donts' wedding makeup tips, to make sure you will look absolutely fabulous on your special day!


1. Remember to have a makeup trial a few weeks before the day. You need to make sure that you will be 100% happy with how the makeup artist makes you look, don't risk it by gambling on the day!

2. Let your makeup artist know what you are wearing. The style of your dress will make a difference to what colours will be used and how much product will be applied.

3.Wear 'long-wear' products. You will be wearing your makeup from early hours in the morning right through to the evening, so wearing products that are described as 'long wearing' will make sure they stay put throughout the day.

4.Use a highlighter. A subtle highlight on the cheekbones and brow bone can make such a difference to bridal makeup. It really compliments and draws attention to these areas on your face, & your photographer will pick it up beautifully. 

5. Waterproof mascara. This kinda goes without saying.. wedding days can be very emotional, so unless you want black smudges running down your face, go waterproof!


1. Forget to reapply during the day. Many makeup artists let you keep the lipstick they use on you, so you can keep topping it up during the day. The lipstick they decide to use will usually be long wearing, but you will still need to top it up to keep it looking flawless.

2. Rush. It is the most important day of your life, make sure you leave enough time for you to get ready.  Makeup will need roughly 45 minutes.

3. Trowel your makeup on. If you are doing your own makeup, make sure you don't do a 'too heavy' look. Bridal makeup should be more natural beauty than drag queen.

4. Let a makeup artist loose on your face. It is your day so they should be listening to what you want. Don't feel scared to tell them if you don't like what they have done, the most important thing a makeup artist should do is listen to their client.

5. Have your makeup done under artificial lighting. Make sure there is plenty of natural day light in the area where you are getting it done, this will give a true reflection of colours to make sure nothing is too light or dark.

 photography by October Ward.
 products used in photos - MAC sable, all that glitters and nylon eyeshadows. MAC smoulder eye pencil. MAC politely pink lipstick. MAC hush highlighter. Benefit bellabamba blush.

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