March Beauty Favourites

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I cannot believe March is over, it literally feels like 5 minutes ago it was christmas. Now April is here, this means the weather will be getting warmer and it is only 2 months away until my holiday to Florida! Wahoo!
As promised, here is the beauty products I have been loving throughout March....

Fakebake Flawless Self Tan

Lee Stafford 'Beach Blondes' toning shampoo & conditioner

MAC Cranberry eyeshadow

BarryM Kohl eye pencil black

MAC Darkside lipstick

What have been your beauty favourites this month?!


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Drug Store Beauty Favourites

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Today, I thought I would take my time to appreciate 'drugstore' cosmetics. I am constantly going on about the more expensive brands of make up (or should I just say MAC?) but I am a lover of the more affordable cosmetics too, so this blog post is dedicated to my holy grail drug store favourites, enjoy!

Collection (what used to be collection 2000) Lasting perfection concealer. Super high coverage, perfect for any pesky blemishes you want to hide and one of the best concealers I have ever used.

Revlon lip butters. I have many shades but this one in particular is 'Cotton Candy'. I love these as they are moisturising on the lips with a pop of colour at the same time. I also love the orange shade 'Tutti Frutti'.

No7 Stay Precise liquid eyeliner. I LOVE this, I use it every single day and have done for about 5 years. I am yet to find a liquid eyeliner I like better than this one. The brush applicator makes it so easy to get a perfect flick, (I much prefer a brush to a stick) and it lasts all day without fading :) perfecto!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Everyone loves Real Techniques. An amazing range of professional brushes at affordable prices. This brush I use for my foundation and it always looks flawless when I apply it with this. 

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. This has a lot of recognition over the internet via blogs & youtube but it really does deserve it. Great for volume to make your lashes really stand out. It also doesn't smudge around your eye after a couple hours of wear, which makes it ideal for a night out mascara.

There are plenty more of drugstore cosmetics that I love but the ones I have mentioned have to be at the top of my favourites list! I would love to know what drugstore cosmetics are the top of yours?!


All products can be bought at

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Tanya Burr Milk and White Chocolate Cookies

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I am terrible at baking but it is still one of my favourite things to do. I find that I will follow a recipe religiously yet it still ends up too crispy, too doughy or just generally not nice. This all changed recently after watching baking videos on youtube by Tanya Burr. I have been watching Tanyas youtube videos for years, and when she started doing baking videos, I thought I would give some of her recipes a try. Much to my surprise, the recipes were so simple and almost every time, turned out pretty much exactly how hers did! I love that she makes yummy treats as well as healthy smoothies and salads, so she doesn't give you an excuse to be naughty all the time! 

In January, her amazing new book 'Love, Tanya' came out (which of course I pre ordered straight away). This book is a really inspirational read, with chapters on Love, Confidence & Growing up, while at the back of the book, she puts some of her favourite recipes, one of which is her Milk and White Chocolate Cookies. She describes them as 'a traditional cookie dough base with milk and white chocolate blended in'. Here is the ingredients list to make ten cookies:

200g butter (room temperature)
300g caster sugar
1 large egg
325g self-raising flour
a dash of milk
200g white chocolate (Tanya uses Milky Bar)
200g of milk chocolate (Tanya uses Cadburys)

The key to making these perfect is the baking time. Tanya recommends 10-12 minutes and no longer. When I took them out I thought they needed at least 5 minutes longer, but as they cool down they harden, resulting in a gooey cookie dough on the inside but crispy on the outside, and this is exactly how mine ended up - delicious!

This is how mine turned out, and they were just as good as they look. I did however feel the need to go for an extremely long jog afterwards though!!

What's your favourite recipe from Tanyas book??!


Love,Tanya can be bought online from
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Spring High Street Clothing Haul


I did a little bit of online shopping last week and thought I would show you all my purchases. I was in desperate need of some 'spring type' clothes, I much prefer winter clothing; my wardrobe is full of knit jumpers and coats. So I took to the internet and after about an hour and several pounds later, this lot was ordered....

F&F floral print top £10. White Asos skinny jeans £30.

New Look check shirt £20.

Silver glitter Converse £50 (much to my boyfriends disgust, but I thought they were cute!)

Missguided white mesh mini dress £28.

Vero Moda stripe tshirt £12

River island demin dress £40 (awful quality photo - sorry!)

This is just the start of my new spring wardrobe, I think I have picked up some great bargains, let me know in the comments if you have picked up any great spring buys recently!


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Bridal Makeup: dos & don'ts

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A women's wedding day is the most important day of their life. Everything has to be perfect, the dress, the hair and of course the makeup.  I have put together 5 'dos & donts' wedding makeup tips, to make sure you will look absolutely fabulous on your special day!


1. Remember to have a makeup trial a few weeks before the day. You need to make sure that you will be 100% happy with how the makeup artist makes you look, don't risk it by gambling on the day!

2. Let your makeup artist know what you are wearing. The style of your dress will make a difference to what colours will be used and how much product will be applied.

3.Wear 'long-wear' products. You will be wearing your makeup from early hours in the morning right through to the evening, so wearing products that are described as 'long wearing' will make sure they stay put throughout the day.

4.Use a highlighter. A subtle highlight on the cheekbones and brow bone can make such a difference to bridal makeup. It really compliments and draws attention to these areas on your face, & your photographer will pick it up beautifully. 

5. Waterproof mascara. This kinda goes without saying.. wedding days can be very emotional, so unless you want black smudges running down your face, go waterproof!


1. Forget to reapply during the day. Many makeup artists let you keep the lipstick they use on you, so you can keep topping it up during the day. The lipstick they decide to use will usually be long wearing, but you will still need to top it up to keep it looking flawless.

2. Rush. It is the most important day of your life, make sure you leave enough time for you to get ready.  Makeup will need roughly 45 minutes.

3. Trowel your makeup on. If you are doing your own makeup, make sure you don't do a 'too heavy' look. Bridal makeup should be more natural beauty than drag queen.

4. Let a makeup artist loose on your face. It is your day so they should be listening to what you want. Don't feel scared to tell them if you don't like what they have done, the most important thing a makeup artist should do is listen to their client.

5. Have your makeup done under artificial lighting. Make sure there is plenty of natural day light in the area where you are getting it done, this will give a true reflection of colours to make sure nothing is too light or dark.

 photography by October Ward.
 products used in photos - MAC sable, all that glitters and nylon eyeshadows. MAC smoulder eye pencil. MAC politely pink lipstick. MAC hush highlighter. Benefit bellabamba blush.

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MAC Dark Side Lipstick Review


Recently, I have been on the hunt for a burgundy lipstick. In older blog posts, I have mentioned how I was quite scared of red toned lipsticks and kept to my pink/plum shades but that is now all behind me and I cannot get enough of red. I really wanted a dark red to add to my collection as lately I have been paying more attention to classic reds like Ruby woo. I know, I know.. its spring now and we should all be digging out our corals and lighter shades but I guess autumn/winter has gone a little too quick for me! 

Anyway.. after countless visits to the MAC website, looking at reviews on blogs and searching for photos on Pinterest, I narrowed my search down to two lipsticks; Diva and Dark Side. They were both pretty similar, both burgundy but Diva was a Matte finish (and a little more red) and Dark Side was an Amplified Creme. They were both the colour I was looking for but the finish is what made me choose Dark Side. I have never been crazy over Matte finishes, I just don't have the patience to spend ages correcting it so it doesn't look like a hideous mess that a two year old has done. 

I am really pleased with my choice, it is a really stand out lipstick that seems to complete any ordinary outfit or makeup look. The creaminess makes it easy to put on so you can literally whip it on before rushing out. I like to wear it with Cherry lip pencil lightly blended into my lip line, I feel this brings out the red more and makes it look a bit different. I think this lipstick would look great on any skin or hair colour and although it is quite dark in solid form, it isn't too scary when you put it on.

I would love to know what you think of burgundy lipsticks?


You can buy all lipsticks mentioned for £15.50 and Cherry lip pencil for £12.50 at

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SS15 Beauty & Fashion Trends

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FLORALS Michael Kors Chanel & Matthew Williamson

RED LIP Zac Posen Burberry & Chanel


DENIM Chloe NYFW street wear Alexa Chung in dungarees

I have been interested in beauty and fashion for as long as I can remember, I would always look up to my sister when I was younger, I would steal her clothes and makeup for when I would go to my friends house or a party because I wanted people to think I was fashionable and grown up. 

As I have got older I now know what to wear for my body shape and what colours suit me best, this is with the help of many years reading magazines, going to the Clothes show and paying a huge interest in Fashion Week. I am always keen to know what will be 'in' the coming seasons so I can prepare early, or dig out old items of clothing I havent worn in a while that is now deemed back in trend. 

 As fashion week is happening right now, I have seen a few trends popping up in many of the shows that I feel will make a big impact this spring/summer, so this is everything I have seen a lot of at fashion week this year.

What do you think of these SS15 trends? I think I will have to be persuaded a little bit more on the sportswear side of things. As much as I would love to stay in my joggers all day, I think they would look better in the gym! I do love the thought of lots of denim though, even double denim. Although a little risky, I feel the correct shades together can make the coolest of outfit!


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My Red Mac lipsticks - SS15 Trend

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  All fired up
 Ruby woo
MAC red

I am obsessed with reading up on this years fashion weeks that are happening at the moment, I just love seeing what colours, patterns and materials will be 'in' this coming season although it does give me an excuse to buy far too many clothes!
I have noticed that on a lot of the catwalks at fashion week, and in many fashion magazines I have read recently, that a stand out 'Red lip' paired with a fresh natural face and minimal eye makeup is going to be bang on trend this spring/summer. 

matte lips at Missoni 
Burberry ss15

I am not one for wearing red lips that often, for some reason I feel that red lips suit people with dark hair so I have always shied away from them and stuck to more pink and plum shades. After seeing how on trend they are going to be this year, I have since wiped the cobwebs off my two red lipsticks AND have just purchased another red shade to get used to wearing them and so far, I really have been loving it! 

These are the 3 red MAC lipsticks I own, i have decided to only show my MAC ones because they are mine and a lot of other beauty bloggers favourite brand when it comes to lipsticks and I don't tend to wear any other! Im pretty sure their are loads of dupes if you cant seem to get your hands on any of these though.

 All fired up; Although some people find this to be pink, I believe it is more of a red with a pinky undertone when I wear it. It is a Retro Matte finish so it can be a little drying, but with a good lip balm underneath it looks amazing on anyone.

MAC red; This is new to my collection and is a gorgeous bright red in a satin finish so it is easy to apply and has a subtle shine.

Ruby Woo; My first every MAC lipstick, this is a classic red that everyone needs in their collection. Can be difficult to apply as it is very matte, but applied carefully with a matching lip pencil, it can look flawless.

What are your go to red lipsticks??


all products can be bought online at
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