February Beauty Favourites

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February is just about over and spring is already upon us! I have decided that I am going to start doing monthly favourites, its something that I really enjoy reading on other beauty blogs so I thought I would also give it a whirl :) This is all of the makeup, skincare and fragrance I have been loving in February....

Revlon Nail Varnish 097 Plum Seduction

MAC Red Lipstick

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau Extraordinaire 

Clarins Hydraquench Cream Moisturiser

MAC Cherry Lip pencil

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Rimmel london Lash Accelerator Mascara

I would love to know what products you have been loving this february?! 
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Mac Haul #2

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Powder Blush in Well Dressed

Last weekend my boyfriend & I went on a little trip to Cambridge and yet again, I found myself being persuaded by the little voices in my head to have a...browse...in the MAC shop. I never find it difficult to pick things up in MAC, I go into a little world of my own and start telling the beauty advisors every shade of lipstick I want, what lip liner I need to go with it etc, etc. So on this trip, I left with 6 beautiful things which I will list below.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium
This is my everyday powder that I use to set my foundation and as a touch up throughout the day.

Amplified Crème Lipstick Dark Side
I really wanted a dark red shade lipstick as I don't own any and this is the perfect burgundy.

Satin Lipstick MAC Red
All the reds I own from MAC are in a matte finish which I often find hard to apply. This shade being in satin means I can rock a red lip without spending a long time perfecting it!

Lipliner Cherry
This is the perfect lip pencil for the MAC Red lipstick. With any bright shades I like to wear a lipliner for the staying power and to stop it from bleeding.

Powder Blush Well Dressed
I have never used this colour blush but after endless amounts of praise it has received I just had to try it myself! It is a gorgeous soft pink.

239 Eyeshader Brush
My favourite brush from MAC. I use it to pack on eyeshadow on the lid but it can be used for almost anything.
Left: Dark Side. Right: MAC Red.
All products can be bought online at www.maccosmetics.co.uk
I would love to know what your favourite MAC products are? xox

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Basso Collection by Warby Parker

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When I am sat in front of the TV at home, chilling out with my partner and beloved cats, you will find me wearing glasses (and probably my pjs). I am a glasses wearer, so I know the difficulty of finding a pair I like while keeping up to date with the trends AND at the right price. I have been known to shamefully spend hundreds on designer pairs in the past, but when my prescription keeps changing like it has done recently, it can really turn into an expensive necessity.

Low and behold, I have recently been introduced to Warby Parker, an American brand of prescription eyeglasses  and sunglasses. They were started to create an alternative to the companies that burn holes in our pockets, they quote 'We believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket' Awww.

I was really intrigued to hear they were bringing out a new collection called the Basso Collection, which is inspired by low-relief sculptures featuring an elevated 'step' design. They are releasing this collection using three of their most popular frames, Duckworth, Percy & Winston, in a range of 4 custom colour combinations from a palette of oceanic hues, perfect for Spring/Summer!

So what makes this collection stand out? Here comes the technical bit... The Basso Collections overlaid look is created by laminating two layers of acetate together, then very precisely paring away the top layer to reveal a layer of contrast acetate below. The result is a pair of frames with added depth and a slightly weightier, more substantial feel! What makes them even better...they start at an incredible $145. 

Here is a sneak peak of the collection.....

Duckworth's flattering rounded frame would suit any face shape and elevate any look instantly.

Cute & quirky, the Percy frame is a modern classic that completes any look.
Never go wrong with Winston's stylish bold frame that's bang on trend & my personal favourite.

I hope all of you spec-tators (see what I did there?) will love this collection as much as I do. The oceanic colour scheme in these stylish frames will undoubtedly be a hit this coming spring/summer! Unfortunately for me, they do not ship to the UK yet, but as soon as they do, I will for sure be rocking a pair of Winstons!
If you would like to take a look for yourself, the Basso Collection is available NOW online at - Warby Parker.

What do you think of Warby Parkers new collection?! xox
all photos provided or taken from warby parker
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SkinnyMint Teatox


Hi everyone! Today I thought I would tell you about something new I'm trying, it is the Skinny Mint Teatox. Now, I have seen recently that a lot of people are trying this or something similar like Bootea so I thought I would see what all the fuss was about and ordered a 14 day starter kit from Skinny Mint. I only ordered the starter kit as I have never done anything like this before, therefore I had no idea how I would get on with it. 
As I am naturally quite small, I didnt buy these with the intention to loose weight, but as part of my healthy eating and exercise regime that I have tried to keep up recently.  It comes with 14 morning boost tea bags (which you obviously take in the morning) and 7 night cleanse tea bags (which you take every other night). 

The daytime tea bags are to said to help increase energy, burn fat and reduce appetite. I have only been taking these for the last couple of days, so I cannot comment on whether I have seen much of a difference with fat burn, but I have definitely seen an increase in energy throughout the day as I am someone who is always tired and these do make me feel more alert. It has all natural ingredients including..

GREEN TEA boosts energy, burns calories
YERBA MATE boots metabolism, curbs appetite
NETTLE LEAVES natural diuretic, antioxidant
DANDELION improves digestions, detoxifies
GUARANA increases physical endurance & alertness

The night time tea bags are said to help reduce bloating, improve digestion and lose weight. Unlike the day tea bags, you take these every other night after your last meal. It has all natural ingredients including..

GINGER ROOT anti bloating
ORANGE LEAVES improves digestion, promotes good sleep
LEMONGRASS anti bacterial, enhance complexion
SENNA LEAVES natural laxative, anti bloating, reduces appetite
LICORICE ROOT relieves from craps and constipation

The morning tea taste absolutely gorgeous, very fruity and refreshing so if you already enjoy fruit tea, you would 100% love this. The evening tea is a lot more citrus tasting and in my opinion I much prefer the taste of the morning tea. However, it is great after a heavy evening meal to make you feel less uncomfortable and bloated.

If you are using a Teatox program at the moment, I would love to know how you are getting on!


teatox program can be bought online from Skinny Mint 
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Mac Eyeshadow - Favourites Quad

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Patina Frost
Omega Matte
Naked Lunch Frost
Satin Taupe Frost

MAC eyeshadows are my all time favourite. I just love how super pigmented they are and the fact that they have such a wide range of colours and finishes to suit any skin, eye and hair colour in the world! It would be pretty impossible to not find a shade that is perfect for you. 
I have been collecting MAC eyeshadows for a few years now, which I have either saved up for myself or received as gifts for birthdays and christmas's and now I have about 20 in my collection. This may be a lot to you or hardly any at all but overall I am quite happy with them :)
I thought I would share with you my four all time favourite eyeshadows that I have conveniently put together in their own little quad. This makes it soooo much easier for me as I no longer have to search for the shades I want, I can just grab this mini palette and off I go. I use these colours more or less every single day which is why they are all quite neutral shades instead of exciting, vibrant colours like Cranberry or Coppering (both of which are the more daring shades I own). 

Satin Taupe is in the bottom left of the photo above, it is a taupe (obviously) shade with shimmer. I LOVE this eyeshadow so much and I like to wear it all over the lid and underneath the eye.

Naked lunch is in the top left of the photo above, it is a very minimal pink tone with a subtle shimmer to it. I like using this colour to blend Satin taupe in the crease also in my inner corners and as a very subtle brow highlight.

Patina is in the top right of the photo above, it is a taupe brown shade with golden pearl. This colour is gorgeous in the crease or all over the lid, perfect for bridal makeup.

Omega is in the bottom right of the photo above, it is a matte muted beige shade. As it is matte it is perfect for filling in eyebrows of blonde hair gals! Which is exactly what I use it for :) (as you can see it is very well loved)

I am using Satin Taupe, Naked Lunch & Omega in this photo in exactly the way I have described above. Liquid eyeliner is No7 Stay Precise and Mascara is MAC false lashes in extreme black.

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows? I would love to know!


all products can be bought online at www.maccosmetics.co.uk

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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Review

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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow 
Beach Bronze 16

Over the years, I have heard a lot of good things about Bobbi Brown but for some reason I had never taken the plunge to purchase some of her amazing products. This eye shadow is the first item from Bobbi Brown I had owned and because I haven't seen too many reviews about it, I thought I would give it the recognition it deserves!

I bought the colour Beach Bronze, which is a dark-ish brown shimmery shade. I apply it all over the lid and underneath the eye to create a gorgeous brown smokey look, I then take a blending brush to blend out the edges so it doesn't look too harsh. I really think the colour compliments blue eyes and as it is a long-wear shadow, it stays put all day without smudging. I do however think it looks a lot better when using eye primer, as it can collect in the crease a bit after a few hours.

I was really impressed with this eye shadow, and think it is very underrated. I cant wait to start adding more to my collection, what colour should I try next??

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First Date Crate - Valentines Special

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 Wrigleys Extra chewing gum
 Diesel Only the brave aftershave
 Bouquet of red Roses
Book of Conversation starters

 Valentines day is around the corner, and where some people have gift buying down to a tee...others seem to struggle buying the perfect present for their loved one. Valentines may be just associated with couples in a relationship, but it is also about the singletons who finally find the courage to ask that special someone out for a date...Well, if you wont do it then, when will you?

I was recently introduced to Man Crates and their date crate project which is to write what 5 products I would put in a 'First date crate' for men. they are a new company that ship awesome gifts for men in a custom wooden crate that has to be opened with a crow bar!

Now I'm not saying that all men are useless or anything.........but SOME guys cant quite grasp what women expect from them on a first date. Now, I am talking from personal experience when I say that they need a bit of help with the preparation, so I am here with my suggestions of tools needed to sweep us off our feet!


I dont know of any women who doesn't like flowers, so turning up on their doorstep with a beautiful bouquet is sure to set you off to a great start.

2. Chewing Gum.

Do I really need to explain this one? If a guy is planning to lock lips at some point in the evening, then they need to be well prepared....especially if garlic was on the menu (eeew)

3. Aftershave.

I am a sucker for a man who smells good! Smelling great for a first date is going to leave a great impression, whenever she smells that aftershave, she will be thinking of you! my favourite is Diesel Only the Brave and can be bought online from boots.

4. Book of Conversation Starters.

If a guy is feeling really nervous about a date, then one of these books could come in handy. No one likes an awkward silence!

5. Razor.

Although some women like a hairy man, a scruffy stubble is not a good look. A nice clean shave will get no complaints and show you have made an effort :)

I hope this has helped all the 'romantically challenged' men around!

What products would you put in a first date crate??


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Gift ideas - Perfume

Valentine's Day is on Saturday, and while some of you will have already dropped hints to their loved one, others might need a bit of inspiration before they know what they would really love for v day. 

As perfume is probably the most popular gift for a woman, I thought I'd tell you my 3 most favourite scents. I am however terrible at describing smells, so il save you all from my hideous descriptions and just tell you where each one can be purchased and for how much....  

Gucci guilty stud limited edition 50ml - £53 from john Lewis
Thierry mugler Alien 30ml - £49.50 from Boots
Jimmy choo flash 40ml - £35.50 from The perfume shop

What are your 3 favourite perfumes?
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A touch of pink - MAC pink lipshades

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L-R: saint germain, pink nouveau, lovelorn, show orchid, impassioned, politely pink, snob, angel  

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and while most people associate Red as the colour of love, I think there's nothing sweeter than a pink lip to get you in the mooooood for loooooove. 

MAC is my favourite cosmetics brand when it comes to lipsticks, it's just something about the way they easily glide on the lips, have ultimate staying power, and have that irresistible vanilla scent that make them come out top for me! 
This is my collection of MAC pinks, some are subtle (politely pink, angel) and some are a lot more daring (Show orchid, impassioned). 

My personal favourite is Pink Nouveau (second from left) I wear this most days. It is so wearable and is not too bright to wear throughout the day aswell as in the evening. 

What is your favourite MAC pink?? 


all lipsticks can be bought for £15.50 online at www.maccosmetics.co.uk
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