MAC Lovelorn Lipstick Review

After I received this lipstick as a gift from a friend, I thought I would do a review to let you know how im getting on with it and what I honestly think about this lipstick.

I absolutely love Mac lipsticks and own many myself, so when my friend bought me this I was sooo pleased, I hadnt heard of this one before which made me more excited as I probably wouldnt have ever bought it myself and found out what it was like! Lovelorn is a light beigey pink shade (if you have ever tried MAC Angel I would describe it similar to this but a different finish!) the great thing about this shade is that it is versatile, it suits any skin tone and can be worn through out the day as well as in the evening with a black smokey eye. Its finish is a Lustre, which is so easy to apply as it is creamy and glossy but with a high pigment also. If I had anything remotely negative to say about it, it would be that it doesnt last all that long, unlike a matte finish which could last all day,I would probably put this down to its lustre finish.

Overall I love this lipstick, although I rarely have a bad thing to say about MAC ones, the fact it would suit any one for any occasion really does make it a must have if you are just starting out a MAC collection. :) xox

This lipstick was bought at SELFRIDGES in manchester, but can also be found at MAC COSMETICS online for £15.

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  1. My Mac red lipstick is quite possibly my most prized possession! I really like the colour of this one though. My sister keeps pestering me to wear less red and more pinky/subtler tones so I might just give this one a go. Plus, they never seem to run out so it's a bargain at £15!

    Thanks for the review!

    Bex x

    Happiness Pain - Rainbow Rain

  2. I have never tried MAC red but have heard really good things about it! Yeah definitely give this one a go, its subtle but without being too non-existant, really easy to apply too :) thanks for your comment! Sarah x