Benefit they're real mascara Review

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Hi everyone, this is my first review on my blog and all of my opinions are my own and 100% honest!

I have chosen to do a review on the much loved Benefit They're Real mascara. This mascara is a top seller and everyone in the beauty world would have heard of it if they haven't tried it yet! It has been voted the uks no1 mascara so I just had to try it and see what's all the fuss about.

I ordered it offline along with a few other benefit things as they have me free delivery when I spent over £50, this was a good enough excuse for me to spend more! The products arrived fairly quickly and packaged beautifully in benefit gift wrap which was a nice touch! The mascara came in it's signature black and orange box (of course!) I couldn't wait to get it open and try it out. When I first a applied the mascara I was quite impressed, I was satisfied after only a couple of coats which is good when you're in a hurry, it lengthens your lashes rather than volumizes but I thought maybe this would be sorted with a few more coats but instead it seemed to make my lashes abit clumpy looking instead of Volumous so it perhaps isn't a great choice if that is what you like in a mascara, but for day to day use when you might not want a dramatic look then this would be okay.
My main 'niggle' with this product is the fact that it is so difficult to get off, I usually use micellar water to remove my makeup and even this struggled to budge this glue like product. This would not be practical when rolling in from a night out where you would just quickly whip out a makeup wipe to take your face off quickly, but wipes would not budge this mascara at all, you end up with panda eyes that are also difficult to remove from your skin!

Overall I was quite disappointed, this may have been because of all the hype about they're real I was maybe expecting something that worked miracles. The pros were the packaging, easy application and the brush but I feel like the formula needs to be looked at, as the clumping and hard removal process outweighed the positives in this I feel. I love benefit products and have been impressed with their 'bad gal lash' but this time they have failed to impress...sorry benefit! Xox

If you wish to try it out for yourself, this mascara is £19.50 from
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