My Top 10 MAC products!

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Okay, so every makeup lover out there will have something great to say about MAC and because they have such a variety of products and colours to suit anyone and everyone, Its hard to not! 

Formally known as "makeup artist cosmetics" it was originally meant for makeup artists to use, but are now sold to consumers worldwide (wahoo!)

In this blog, if you havent guessed already, I will be talking about my top 10 mac products and explaining why I love them so much, post a comment below on what your top 10 mac products are, I would love to know :)

10. A product that has to be in my top 10 would be Macs Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder. This is just a gorgeous powder which I use over the top of my foundation to set and fix, but what I love about it is that I can use it throughout the day just as a top up as it gives a nice sheer coverage, great for when you have been at work all day and your foundation isnt looking as beautiful as it did this morning! I use the shade Medium, this gives me a nice glow of bronze colour which could also be used to contour. RRP £22

9. Mac Select moisturecover concealer. I use shade nc25, the same as my foundation. I love this concealer as its nice and creamy and provides a decent coverage which will cover any breakout you may have! The lipgloss-like applicator makes it so easy to apply, and I find It also brightens up your eyes when used underneath. I use this after foundation on any imperfections, under the eyes and on the sides of my nose. A god send :) RRP £15

8. Bronzing Powder. I have been using macs bronzing powder for quite a while now, I even prefer this to benefits bestselling Hoola. I use the shade Golden which is just the perfect colour to accent or strengthen a tan. I use this to contour over my cheekbones, forehead and down my nose and If Im being lazy i will just sweep it lightly all over my face which still makes a huge difference! I immediately feel happier and healthier when wearing it. RRP £22

7. I love macs eyeshadows, they are so pigmented and look amazing on, especially when partnered with another you can create some gorgeous looks! There will be quite a few eyeshadows in this Top 10 but my 7th has to be Cranberry. This colour is a red/pink/plum colour with shimmer and i love using this in a smokey eye on a night out! I rarely use cranberry for an every day kind of look, just because it is quite a bright "out there" colour, but if you have the confidence I would say go for it! I think it goes perfectly in your crease with "All that Glitters" eyeshadow all over the lid for a glamourous look. RRP £12.50

6. My sixth Mac favourite is now a Mac Lipstick in shade Angel. I have such an obsession with collecting mac lipsticks, I am yet to find another brand of them which I prefer, I just think they go on easily, smell gorgeous, and last for ages. Angel is a great everyday lipstick, and is a light pinky nude colour, this is a frost finish and looks great with a tan. I am doing a wedding in June and this will be the lipstick I use, I cannot wait! RRP £15

5. Pro longwear blush in shade rosy outlook. Out of all mac blushes, this is my favourite. It lasts all day and glides on so easily to provide a flawless, natural finish. I use this on the balls of my cheeks on top of my foundation and bronzer RRP £20

4. Number 4 is another Mac lipstick, this time in shade Saint Germain. This is the ultimate barbie pink lipstick, and its amplified finish means it has such a vibrant colour thats lasts. I am always wearing pink lipsticks and this is one of my favourites in my collection. RRP £15

3. My third favourite is another eyeshadow in shade All that gitters! I mentioned this previously as a great partner to cranberry eyeshadow, or it also looks lovely just all over the lid and underneath the lower lash line for a more natural look. It is a pale beige with gold shimmer, I wear this everyday! RRP £12.50

2. Nearly there! My second mac favourite is my go to foundation that I am never seen without- Studio Sculpt. This is a gel based foundation that provides a medium to high buildable coverage, I personally like to wear quite a high coverage without looking cakey, and with this I find it is perfect. I wear shade NC25. RRP £25

1. My number one favourite Mac product of all time has to be Mac Lipstick in shade Pink nouveau. I am always wearing pink lipsticks as I feel they best suit my skin tone and hair colour, and this shade is just beautiful! Its bright pink so some people who are not used to wearing bright colours may find it quite scary, but I personally love bright lipsticks. It has a satin finish so is creamy and moisturising, so easy to apply but out of all the lipstick finishes this probably lasts the shortest :( RRP £15

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  1. Great post! Just tried Studio Sculpt foundation for the first time today and am IN LOVE! I have a beauty blog too if you would like to check it out-