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Hi everyone! Im Sarah and this is my beauty blog. I am a typical girl with a huge obsession with makeup, so after reading many blogs and watching youtube gurus such as Tanya Burr, I thought I would start my own piece on the internet! 

I have worked within beauty as a beauty consultant and have been on courses in Manchester, London and more local to me in Norfolk to study more about beauty. Although, I feel like most of my knowledge of Makeup has been either self taught or from constantly watching tutorials or reading magazines growing up.

My blog will obviously be mainly about beauty, but I will add some personal bits that I think people may be interested in! Il be writing reviews on products I try, good or bad, and will be as honest as possible as I know how annoying it is when you spend your hard earned money on a product you end up hating! In the future I would also like to add some giveaways so keep on the look out for them (everyone loves a giveaway!). Thanks for reading my first ever post, there will be many more to come! xox

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